Community Offerings

“We cannot do it alone.”

– Dr. Adriana

We need each other’s support to create and sustain lasting transformation. The Crest Community Offering is an excellent source of information and inspiration to keep you going on your journey of living your best life. It’s also the perfect way to get to know more about Functional Medicine and our approach if you are considering becoming a client.

Why should I join the Crest Community?

  1. Learn about Functional Medicine and the wholistic approach to health and healing.
  2. Get to know others on the journey. It can be challenging to make lifestyle adjustments. Research shows that we are more likely to sustain changes if those around us are making similar choices.
  3. Have access to cutting edge education that will transform your approach to balanced living.
  4. Experience and engage at a retreat that inspires you to live well.

What does the Crest Community Membership provide?

We are creating a library of online educational modules. The educational materials within the modules are based on cutting edge medical research and wellness approaches. Each online module contains inspiring infographics, at home exercises and meditations that provide you with the necessary tools for transformation of your health and wellness. In addition, community offerings include a Q&A with Dr. Adriana and the Crest Team, as well as a private day retreat to discuss and practice all that you are learning.

Upcoming Modules Include:

  1. Redefining Health
  2. Gut Health
  3. Conscious Awareness
  4. Hormone Health
  5. Emotional Wellness

What is the Investment?

Our introductory price for our community offering is $150. This provides you with a access to the online educational module, a retreat, and a Q & A with Dr. Adriana and the Crest team.