Functional Medicine

“I believe that our habits play an instrumental role in promoting health and well-being. I apply a comprehensive approach, digging below the surface to track symptoms back to their source. I offer nutritional, lifestyle, and emotional guidance to support you in living your best life.”

– Dr. Adriana

Functional medicine promotes a personalized, client-centered approach to healthcare.  Its methods address symptoms by uncovering their root cause(s), rather than simply masking the symptoms with drugs. Conventional medicine often succumbs to a disease-centered approach and while going to a physician is a great first step toward feeling better, you may be disappointed by your treatment environment. Oftentimes clients are seen as numbers or problems to be solved, not people to be treated. In order to fully understand and address your needs, a unique and personalized approach is required. Here at Crest Health & Wellness, Dr. Adriana centers on a functional medicine approach to promote health and optimal function. We want to partner with you to identify your issues, uncover their root causes, and help you along the path toward healing.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine doctors rely on a personalized approach to health, centered on investigating and treating the root cause(s) of chronic disease. In keeping with this model, Dr. Adriana uses integrative, holistic, conventional, and naturopathic treatments to offer you the best care possible. Your environment and lifestyle are closely linked and serve as the drivers behind your condition. That being said, when taking into account factors that include your unique genetic makeup, a generic, cookie-cutter approach simply can’t provide you with the care you need. Therefore, we consider these factors when adjusting your lifestyle in order to help you achieve and maintain an optimal state of health for the long term.

Taking a Client-first Approach

At Crest Health & Wellness, we treat the person, not the condition. You’re more than just a collection of data and the road to health must start with not only a diagnosis but important lifestyle changes. Our functional medicine approach addresses both the body and the mind.

Improve Your Wellness

Numerous studies have established a significant link between nutrition and well-being. Eating unhealthy, processed, nutrient-poor foods negatively impacts your health, including sleep and overall energy levels. At Crest, we provide nutritional guidance for your unique body type and lifestyle. In doing so, we can help to alleviate:

What Sets Crest Apart?

The Crest healthcare model is structured around a doctor-client partnership. As a conventionally trained physician with extensive IFMCP training and certification, Dr. Adriana provides a unique perspective that most physicians can’t. Along with treating your concerns, she also provides the guidance and compassion necessary to help you heal yourself. At Crest, your needs are the priority, and your results speak for themselves.

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