Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is often conducted to help get a better understanding of one’s condition. In a traditional medical setting, a doctor may order a blood test to determine the extent of your illness. However, when it comes to giving you a full picture of your health, a simple blood test doesn’t usually suffice. In order to get a full view of your health status, you need a more comprehensive diagnostic approach. Here at Crest Health & Wellness, we provide comprehensive stool testing, metabolic panels, urine organic acid testing, saliva hormone testing, and much more. These tests go beyond identifying your current problem and dig below the surface to understand the entirety of your condition.


Lab tests

Laboratory Testing Services

The testing services offered at Crest dig below the surface to give you a more complete overview of your health. We offer many functional medicine tests, each aimed at uncovering imbalances in one or more of your body’s systems. Our three most common tests are the GI Effects Stool Test and Organic Acids Urine Test (OAT) by Genova Diagnostics and the DUTCH Saliva and Urine Hormone test by Precision Analytical.

Genova’s GI Effects test is designed to identify biological markers for conditions including maldigestion/malabsorption of nutrients, inflammation, the presence of parasitic organisms, dysbiosis,  and metabolic imbalance. The OAT is used to assess markers for cellular energy and mitochondrial function, detoxification, and neurotransmitter metabolism. The DUTCH test measures hormones that may include cortisol, melatonin, DHEA, and sex horomone levels, providing useful insight into the HPA Axis and possible hormonal imbalances.

What Can Our Testing Services Show?

Our laboratory testing services can help us to gain a better understanding of your current health status. We can use this information in working with you to address diet and lifestyle changes, and other factors that can improve your health and benefit you throughout your wellness journey and beyond.

Why Choose Crest Health & Wellness?

At Crest Health & Wellness, Dr. Adriana strives to establish a meaningful relationship with each and every one of her clients. Unlike some traditional medical practices, we don’t simply stop at treating the symptoms of your condition. We dig below the surface to understand the factors that contribute to your medical concerns. By working with you to develop a personalized lifestyle regimen, we help to ensure that you maintain your optimal health for the long haul.

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