The pace of modern life is faster than ever. Our work, our families, our relationships, and our homes have many demands. Often, our own health and wellness is overlooked because of all of the other aspects of life that call for our attention. Stress is an inherent part of life but we can become resourced and resilient by living with intention. In order for us to live well and be able to engage with the demands of our lives, it’s imperative to make the time to give our attention to our personal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. 

Wellness is the art of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to support our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Wellness practices include activities that help us cultivate and sustain our vital energy like healthy eating, enjoyable movement, honest communication, and taking time to connect to something beyond ourselves like nature and nourishing social engagement with others. 

The foundation of wellness resides in becoming aware of the use and potential misuse of our attention. When we take responsibility for our health, we can begin to see the ways in which we are able to recover, restore, and redirect our attention. In the reclamation of our attention and personal power, we can create a lifestyle that allows us to move beyond surviving and into thriving. 

Wellness depends on our ability to slow down, to sense what can support us in cultivating and maintaining presence for all the moments that make up our lives. Activities like cooking, walking, yoga, meditating, playing music, having meaningful conversations, reflecting on our lives through journaling or taking a bath all involve a more devoted attention. The choices we make in how we spend our time can help us strengthen our capacity to meet the challenges of our lives AND enjoy the beautiful times more completely with more presence.

Wellness Mentoring

Wellness mentoring through Crest Health and Wellness can help you bring your health and wellness goals to life. A key component to success in implementing changes is to start small to avoid overwhelming yourself. Lots of changes in a short period of time will not be sustainable. A wellness mentor is a catalyst for creating healthy lifestyle changes. A wellness mentor compassionately understands and guides you, encourages you and holds you accountable in bringing your goals to life. Our Wellness mentor can work with you to help you integrate your recommended health plan into your lifestyle at a pace that works for you to ensure long term success.

Wellness mentoring provides you guidance in identifying the areas in your life that need more attention. We look at ways to support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health through lifestyle and routine adjustments. We introduce you to practices that inspire personal growth and provide you with support in embodying a holistic health lifestyle. We guide you in creating a plan that helps you implement the changes to support your wellness in fun, creative, safe, and engaging ways.