We are a complex matrix of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components that are intricately interwoven with our physiology. Given that the “one size fits all” model intrinsic to conventional medicine fails to grasp this complexity, we do not believe it is an effective approach to treating chronic concerns. We recognize the biological uniqueness of each person and the different ways it is influenced by key lifestyle factors such as diet, nutrition, exercise, stress, toxins, relationships, and emotions. These elements are honored as we develop strategies and treatment plans to address chronic concerns and optimize health.

“I will listen to your story and help you understand how you can optimize your health. My goal is to give you the tools you need for a healthy mind and body so you may live a more balanced and fulfilling life.”

– Dr. Adriana

We view healing as a collaboration between the client and the practitioner. We are here to empower our clients — to inspire through the knowledge that each of us is ultimately in control of our own well-being. As we guide you through your ascent to wellness, you will be encouraged to discover the vast impact small steps can make along the way, and how much control you truly have over your choices and your health.

Working with Us

Discovery Session Application Survey

The first step for joining our practice is to complete our Discovery Session Application survey. This application gives us insight into your goals and concerns as we discover what offering may be best for you. After reviewing your application, we will invite you into one of three opportunities in working with Crest Health and Wellness: Community Membership, Holistic Health Visioning with Dr. Adriana, or Functional Medicine Consultation Path with Dr. Adriana.

Community Membership

Stay tuned for details on our monthly membership that includes educational materials and events.

Holistic Health Visioning

“I discovered that reviving my health and vitality requires a truly holistic approach. I have been transforming my personal approach to health by creating healthy self care routines including food planning and preparation, spiritual practices, and nourishing social relationships. I look forward to sharing what I am learning and practicing with YOU.” -Dr. Adriana

Dr. Adriana offers one on one sessions that focus on nutrition and lifestyle tools. She takes a comprehensive look at your health history and present moment concerns to help you vision the steps needed to create and sustain the life you want. Dr. Adriana brings the tools of functional medicine to your life through personalized plans that support gut health which is instrumental in regaining and optimizing health and wellness. The gut is home to about 80% of our immune system, and an intact intestinal (gut) barrier and microbiome diversity are key in maintaining a healthy gut, brain, skin and overall immune system.

In your holistic health visioning session with Dr. Adriana, she will review your medical and social history as well as your current symptoms and food lifestyle. This will inform her assessment and the customized  recommendations she will make with you during your time together. After your session with Dr. Adriana, you will be able to access your personalized plan through the client portal.

Follow Up appointments are scheduled when you want to go over challenges and successes in implementing the recommendations made in your Holistic Health Consultation. It’s a time to discuss questions and concerns that may arise. It’s important to follow the initial recommendations consistently so that you will be ready to move into possible lab and supplement recommendations. Follow up appointments are also available when you are ready to look into more layers of your health story including hormones, environmental toxins, detox, methylation, gut imbalances, immune health, inflammation, and spiritual and emotional health.

Connect with Us

Whether you’re looking to resolve your dis-ease or simply enhance your well-being, Crest is wholly committed to empowering our clients to discover what is possible with their health. Find out if a holistic, collaborative, comprehensive approach to medicine is right for you by completing our Discovery Session Application today!