Far Infrared Saunas

The health benefits of Infrared (IR) saunas are numerous. They have been proven to benefit cardiovascular health and circulation, increase fitness and exercise tolerance, aid weight loss, balance blood sugar, decrease pain and inflammation, improve brain health and enhance detoxification. IR saunas can also help to reduce the stress response and restore balance to the autonomic nervous system.

Environmental toxins including pesticides and heavy metal have become increasingly  pervasive in the industrialized world. Within our bodies, these toxins cause a host of problems including damaging DNA, causing neurological problems, disrupting the function of hormones, impeding absorption of vital nutrients, and damaging energy metabolism. Sweating is our bodies’ most effective and efficient way to eliminate toxins and infrared saunas are a perfect way to promote this process.

IR sauna

Tips For a Safe and Healthy Sauna Experience

  • Bring a small gym bag with a bath towel to sit on and a hand towel to wipe sweat, and a BPA-free or glass water bottle; you should also bring swimwear, and/or a robe if desired. 
  • We recommend starting with 10-15 minutes sessions at 100 degrees and gradually working up to 25-30 minutes at 130-140 degrees. Ideally, during detoxification, the sauna should be used 2-3 times per week.

Build up to 30 minutes with cool-down periods in between as needed.

  • Keep well hydrated during the sessions — you may bring a glass bottle of water into the sauna with you (If using a BPA-free or stainless steel bottle it should be kept outside the sauna)
  • Take a high quality multi-mineral while doing sauna treatments to help replace the minerals lost through sweating.
  • Wash thoroughly with soap and water after the sauna as soon as possible to remove toxins from your skin.

Fee Schedule

  • Single Session $30
  • Buy 5, get 1 session free $150
  • Buy 10, get 2 sessions free $300

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