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Founded by Dr. Adriana McGarity, MD, IFMCP, Crest Health & Wellness is a functional medicine practice centered on holistic, personalized care for our clients. We believe the journey to wellness truly begins by implementing a dynamic, systems-based approach to investigating and treating the root cause(s) of dis-ease.


The Functional Medicine model recognizes each person’s individuality with an emphasis on a close partnership between the client and the practitioner. No two people are 100% alike and medical treatments should reflect this. Dr. Adriana carefully assesses the intricate biological systems in our bodies and key lifestyle factors that synergistically contribute to overall well-being. She views the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life as being closely interconnected and equally important for reaching and maintaining optimal health. Dr. Adriana investigates the root cause(s) of illness with a thorough history, conventional and functional lab testing, and other modalities, as needed. She provides her clients with the necessary tools to restore balance to their specific biochemical, physiological, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

We know that transformation takes time and we’ll help to guide you in creating your own path to wellness. Dr. Adriana will provide you with insight into your condition, educate and guide you on how to implement your personalized health plan, and support you with resources and a deep commitment to helping you achieve your health goals.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine promotes a personalized, client-centered approach to healthcare. Its methods address symptoms by uncovering and treating their root cause(s), rather than masking symptoms with drugs. Imagine if someone has a stone in their shoe causing foot pain. The conventional approach would advise giving pain-relieving drugs like NSAIDs to address the symptom, whereas the functional approach would advise removing the stone to address the underlying cause of the pain. We also don’t treat the “average” of disease or response to treatment. It would be akin to telling someone to wear the average shoe size without ensuring a good fit. No one wants to wear a shoe that doesn’t fit, and the same should be said for medical care.

Functional medicine is fundamentally data-driven. This means that we obtain a thorough history as well as functional and conventional lab testing to assess each person’s specific needs and address imbalances accordingly. Functional medicine uses an investigative approach to uncover the root cause of disease and lab testing serves as a guide in this process. Dr. Adriana prioritizes a more natural approach to treatment, yet she does not exclude the need for conventional medicines, therapies, or surgery when necessary.

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