Our Team

Elizabeth Klug


I feel so excited to have joined the Crest team to support Dr. Adriana in such a cutting edge approach to whole health! I have been dedicated to health and wellness for the last 20 years and am amazed at how much there is to discover about my whole self and how to optimize my wellness. From a young age, I experienced food sensitivities, digestive troubles, and bouts of brain fog. In addition, though my family was full of love and connection, I experienced traumas that affected my sense of self and ultimately my health. I found the healing path in my early twenties when I became interested in Ayurveda and dedicated to cooking and eating whole foods. I began practicing yoga and learning how to fully inhabit my body. I gained tools that helped me experience deeper levels of safety in my body and trust in my instincts. I found massive improvement in my overall health and became hooked on all things wellness. Through a number of experiences with healing modalities such as yoga, breath work, EMDR, massage, talk therapy, and extended time in nature, I became dedicated to the connection between my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. 

In 2005, I started to dedicate my studies to the nervous system, trauma, and holistic heath. In 2010, I completed a graduate program in Santa Barbara, CA in Somatic Psychology. I became certified to teach Yoga in 2011, knowing that Yoga was a way I could teach others how to connect with their own health and wellness. I now train people in the philosophy and techniques of Yoga though teacher training, mentorship, and group classes at Yoga Sol.

In January of 2022, I set an intention to learn more about gut and hormone health. I was thrilled to discover Dr. Adriana and her inspired and educated approach to wellness. I never had much trust in the conventional medical approach because I felt there was not enough attention on the whole person. Functional medicine’s approach to discovering the roots of symptoms has already helped me in finding ways to improve my health. Dr. Adriana has taught me so much about health and how to help myself by giving me more tools to better support myself during times of stress. I am so happy to be a part of this amazing team and our mission to help people truly help themselves!